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Master the Law of Attraction

It’s not as simple as some people say it is. But the muses will guide you to receive all the blessings you deserve!

Generate Positive Energy

You will be a beacon of light, pouring out positive energy from Source into your home, your community, and the world at large

Manifest Wealth & Material Abundance

You’ll begin to magnetically attract the material blessings that you deserve. They will be drawn to you with your energy aligned to Source by the muses.

Live Your Dream Life

You deserve peace, joy, deep connection, and a life filled with beautiful, amazing experiences that will create memories for a lifetime.

And the muses will guide you to align your energy with that life so it comes to you automatically.

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The Nine Muses Prayer is a really simple but powerful program customized to help you manifest your dreams in an easy and effortless way.

In fact, you wouldn’t even need to spend hours after hours reading a book to try and understand how to do so.

All you have to do…

Is to sit back and relax… 

And let the specially engineered audio do its job.

You will be able to manifest ANYTHING you wish for, even in your dreams

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Muses Prayer”
Nine Guided Meditation Audio Tracks - Worth $1588

In Ancient Greek Mythology, the Nine Muses were the daughters of Zeus.

Muses Prayers were used to help the gods and mankind to forget all their troubles and to provide magical energy to them.

This audio set consists of nine sessions and each session has a unique function.

Remember, all you have to do is pray or meditate for 12 minutes and 12 seconds a day.

The Muses will provide you with the clear path that you truly seek.

You can just relax and allow the muses to...

Remove the negative untrue beliefs that are holding you back.

Align your energy with your soul’s true mission

Align your energy with Source so that all of the blessings you deserve flow magically into your life

The Muses will give you guidance to live the life you have always deserved.


The Horai 
Ten 15-min Meditation Audios - Worth $1388

Enjoy this ecstatic harmonic music that will instantly remove all your worries and troubles. 

All you have to do is close your eyes and let the music do its job.

It will draw mystical energy from the ancient greek gods and direct all the energy to every single part of your being.

You can simply close your eyes and allow the muses to...

Channel healing energy into every cell in your body 

Take away all of the things that are weighing your mind down, eliminating worry and anxiety 

Allow you to receive energy directly from Source whenever you need it to protect you, energize you, and guide you 

The Muses will empower you to live a life of peace and tranquility.


The Four Seasons 
Ten 100-min Meditation Audios - Worth $388

These tracks allow you to get into a relaxed and peaceful state of mind, easing all the stress and problems you may have.

They will empower you to master the law of attraction, manifesting anything you secretly desire.

You can just lie back and allow the muses to...

Remove all troubles from your mind and your life. 

Take you into a state of deep peace and relaxation. 

Align your energy with your greatest desires so you can pull them into your life like a magnet 

The Muses will give you guidance to become a master manifestor.

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“Orbs Of Hope, Success, & Abundance” Worth $388 AS YOUR FREE GIFT!

If you are lacking motivation & feeling anxious after getting out of bed in the morning, this five-minute-audio will do the trick. 

It will clear your mind and soul, instantly helping you to start your day filled with positive energy.

You can listen in bed before you get up and allow the muses to...

  • Reinforce your life mission so you are motivated to fulfill it

  • Increase your energy to complete your daily tasks.

  • Pull you into a state of immense gratitude so you can begin your day filled with positivity and joy.

The Muses will give you guidance to live the life you have always deserved.

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 But I cannot help you to walk through it. You need to do so yourself…

By taking a leap of faith… And let me help you change your life. Life is too short for regrets.

Some opportunities only come once in a lifetime.

There is no way to turn back time once you’ve missed it.

60-days money back guarantee

When our customers are not satisfied, we aren’t happy.

We aim to give all our customers 100% satisfaction.

I just showed you a few testimonials of people who have tried our product and loved it.

If, in any way, we do not meet your expectations, kindly contact us and we'll happily refund your money back with an apology note.


If you are willing to give your dreams a fighting chance...

Here Are Just A Few of the MANY Testimonials I Received From People Who Have Transformed Their Lives with the Help of Mythology Bliss


“I am very satisfied with Mythology Bliss. This is the 2nd manifestation product
I have gotten and I gotta say it's worth every single penny I spent.

My relationship with my parents and wife have gotten a lot better
and my business took a turn for the better too!

5 stars for Mythology Bliss! Thank you”


“From day 1 of listening to Mythology Bliss, I was amazed
by the guided meditation and meditation audio.

I got to learn more about Greek mythology while
meditating on the wonders of the muses.

I followed the weekly meditation and to be really honest it helps.
I felt refreshed and like a new person ready to take on my job!

Thank you, Mythology Bliss!”


“This product was referred to me by a close friend of mine, I never really believed in the product but when I saw her change in her life, I was convinced to try it, she glows with confidence and her business is booming all of the sudden!

I bought the product 2 weeks ago and surprisingly this became
my daily routine to listen and manifest into whatever I wanted. 5 stars!”


“My husband and I have been on really bad terms for 4 years.
I bought this product as a last resort to save this relationship,
even tried going for therapy which wasted a lot of my money.

After listening to the guided meditation, I felt so calm and peaceful.
I knew that this could be the lifeline I was always searching for!

After much convincing, my husband tried it himself.

Now 2 months have passed, we have gotten a lot closer
and we agreed to give this relationship another try!

100% recommend this to anyone that needs help or just wants to improve themselves!”


“The best gift I ever got from a friend!

Never would I imagine how much I have manifested in just a week,
so many things have changed for the positive.

Thank you, Mythology Bliss!
The confidence and happiness I have manifested into are surreal!”

Frequently Asked Questions

My life is too busy. Will this work for me?

Yes. All the tracks have been designed in such a way that if you only dedicate 12 minutes and 12 seconds each day, you will reap the full benefits in less than a week.

How do I receive the tracks?

After you make the purchase, you will instantly receive a download link for all the tracks, in your registered email. We do ask you to check your spam folder and contact us immediately if you cannot find it.

Can I listen to the tracks on my smartphone?

Yes. Our website is mobile-friendly and you will also be able to download all tracks onto any device you desire.

Can I manifest anything I want?

The tracks have the ability to enhance your frequency so that you align your dreams to the vibrational waves of energy surrounding us, which are the foundation of manifestation. If you keep an open heart, you will join everyone else who has used this program successfully and manifest even your most hidden dreams.