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What if You Could Experience ALL of the Benefits of Meditation Without ANY of the Frustration?

Meditation Is the Mystical Key To Unlock All of the Magical Powers Hidden Inside You

Have you ever tried to meditate on nothingness and found your mind wandering all over the place?

Or spent hours chanting mantras that drove you nuts from all of the repetition? 

Or sat in uncomfortable poses trying not to think about how much your back or hips or knees were hurting?

Perhaps you even took meditation classes and still felt frustrated

I sure did! 

Know that you are NOT alone, my beloved one!

And it’s NOT your fault!

I used to believe I was completely incapable of meditation.

I took several classes in Zen meditation and tried my best to still my mind and go into a place of nothingness. 

And my mind just wandered all over the place, leaving me feeling frustrated and hopeless that I would EVER be able to receive the benefits of meditation. 

I had done a LOT of research on meditation and I knew how powerful it is (more on that in a moment…)

And I knew meditation was THE KEY that would help me stop my anxious thoughts about my relationships, my health, and my finances... 

Constant worries that kept me awake, tossing and turning, trying to sleep for hours every night.

My life was a mess then. I was miserable

And bad luck seemed to be my shadow, following me around everywhere I went. 

But nothing I tried worked. Classes. Videos.

Even private meditation lessons with a Zen master!

I just couldn’t stop my mind from wandering when I tried to meditate. 

Until I finally discovered a workaround.

More about that in a moment... 


Let me share some of the research I found on meditation so you will understand why I wanted SO BADLY to be able to meditate...

Research Has Shown That Meditation Provides a TON of Benefits...

Such as:

-Calming anxiety and reducing stress

-Cultivating self-induced relaxation at will 

-Increasing mindfulness & intuition

-Relieving migraines and psychosomatic symptoms

-Building positive affirmations for success

-Increasing flow state

-Improving health and well-being

-Increasing happiness and improving mood

According to Psychologist magazine, having a daily practice of mediation helps us to manage stress and anxiety. 

Scientific studies also have shown that when our mind is in a relaxed state after mediation, the brain is FAR more powerful as compared to the brains of those who did not meditate. 

So now I want to share something incredibly powerful with you...

It’s the Ancient Secret I discovered that let me FINALLY be able to receive the IMMENSE benefits of meditation 

(without feeling ANY frustration AT ALL!)

And it’s an integration between Ancient Greek philosophy and modern research into neuroplasticity in the human brain..


Before I Get Started, Let Me Ask You A Question...

Did You Know That Meditation And Mindfulness Were Born In Ancient Greece?

The Greek philosophers taught various practices and exercises for harmony and wellness of the soul

These practices strengthen the prefrontal cortex, making you unshakable and determined when you are challenged with obstacles. 

And since Ancient Greek times, people have been trying to discover how to turn their dreams into reality.

And Morpheus was the God they Turned to For Guidance

In Greek Culture, Morpheus is the God of Dreams and he was who the Ancient Greeks turned to when they needed help with sleep and dreams.

They believed that by praying for five days each week, Morpheus would make their dreams come true

Each of the five days they would use a different prayer to represent the five most important areas of life...

Day 1: Relationship

Day 2: Health

Day 3 : Luck

Day 4: Happiness 

Day 5: Wealth

Even though centuries have passed since this practice began, this traditional practice has been passed down for many generations in the Greece community. 

And people are still maintaining this practice today. 

By integrating today’s modern neuroscience technology with the Ancient Greek Five Day Prayer practice, we developed a powerful program that makes meditation completely EFFORTLESS for you…

You will FINALLY be able to experience the powerful benefits of meditation without driving yourself NUTS focusing on nothingness! 

And you will be able to finally experience a deep connection with your Higher Self...

Socrates The Greatest Ancient Greek Philosopher Called This

The “Inner God”.

When you encounter your Higher Self in a state of deep relaxation, you can unlock the powers of your mind, and take charge of your own destiny.

Of course...

You can try meditation on your own. 

But... it may take you five to ten years even with a teacher to achieve the powerful results you want. 


The 5 Day Prayer Meditation Series gives you quick and easy results with NONE of the frustration of “normal” meditation! 

Especially for busy people who are stressed with little or no time to meditate.

This is what you will be getting $78...


Day 1- Enhance Your Relationships - Worth $588

This Daily meditation audio is specially designed to enhance your relationship with others

This helps to calm your soul to enable it to be aware of the people surrounding you.

There are many times that you have missed opportunities in life due to the stress reality is giving you.

Enjoy these audios to relax your thoughts to have a more positive and clear mind.

You can just relax and allow the Five Day Prayers to...

Remove the stress that is keeping you down. 

Align your energy to connect with those around you

Deepen your relationship with family, friends, and loved ones. 

Five Day Prayers will guide you to create the beautiful relationships you’ve always wanted.


Day 2 - Strengthen Your Health - Worth $588

This Daily meditation audio is specifically designed to enhance your higher self to be aligned with the meditation to fully manifest into the person you were meant to be. 

It helps you release negativity and unwanted feelings for you to have a clearer path ahead of you.

You can just close your eyes and allow the Five Day Prayers to...

Release negative thought patterns that are serving as roadblocks to your dream life. 

Align your energy with who you are truly meant to be in this lifetime. 

Remove negative feelings and emotions that are holding you back in life. 

The Five Day Prayers will guide toward making decisions that will result in vibrant health.


Day 3 - Luck Alignment - Worth $588

This Daily meditation audio is specifically designed to enhance your luck in whatever you are doing.

Let the melody calm and remove all doubts and uncertainty.

Luck will play its part in helping you achieve whatever you want in life.

You can just listen quietly and allow the Five Day Prayers to...

Remove the doubts and uncertainty that are blocking your luck. 

Align your energy field with the vibration of luck so that it flows to you like a magnet. 

Align your energy with your life mission so that you receive luck from fulfilling your life’s purpose.

The Five Day Prayers will guide you to receive the massive luck you have always deserved.


Day 4 - Maximize Happiness - Worth $588

This Daily meditation audio is specifically designed to let your body feel the true feeling of bliss and happiness. 

It will also help your heart and soul heal from the pain of the past and be replaced with love and joy. 

You can simply let the audio play and allow the Five Day Prayers to... Increase joy, happiness, and bliss in your life. 

Align your energy with the vibration of love and gratitude.

Help your heart and soul to heal from trauma wounds in your past. 

The Five Day Prayers will gift you with guidance on the easiest path to a joyful life.


Day 5 - Align with Wealth - Worth $588

This Daily meditation audio is specifically designed for your subconscious to be aware of the wealth and abundance that you can obtain. 

Just let your body relax to the melody while your subconscious absorbs all the powers that are offered in this meditation. 

You can simply listen and allow the Five Day Prayers to...

Remove the negative untrue beliefs about money and material abundance that are keeping you broke. 

Align your energy with the frequency of the 3D material plane to manifest wealth simply and easily. 

Align your energy with Source so that material blessings and wealth flow magically into your life.

The Five Day Prayers will guide you to live a life filled with any material blessing that your heart and soul desire.


Melody Of New Hope - Renewal, Relaxation, & Healing 20 Meditation Audios - 100 Minutes Each - Worth $2888

These powerful Meditation audios are designed to tune your body into ultimate relaxation, releasing all the stress and unwanted thoughts while you take this time to let your soul heal and grow stronger from the fine-tuned vibrations that help to expedite your healing process. 

This will help with both your insomnia and your ability to receive the full abundance your soul deserves

You can just lie back and allow these powerful audios to...

Remove negative thought patterns that are interfering with your sleep.

Align your energy with the vibration of relaxation, harmony, and peace.

Allow your energy field to connect deeply with cosmic healing frequencies that will enable your body to heal at a much faster rate... 

These audios will allow your soul to heal and grow stronger so you can fulfill your life’s mission.


Oracles Of Eternal Wonders - Deep Ancestral Connection 15 Meditation Audios - 15 Minutes Each - Worth $1888

These special audios are made to tune your body’s vibrations to nature. 

We may have forgotten many things in the past, but this audio will bring you back to your ancestors’ roots and give you the strength they had that enabled them to survive hard times in the past. 

Feel the energy and strength your ancestors felt in the past by enjoying this set of beautifully crafted audios.

You can simply listen quietly and allow these powerful audios to...

Gain strength from your ancestors by connecting to them via your DNA triggered by these potent audios. 

Align your energy with the vibration of the natural world, allowing you to be in a state of harmony with ALL THAT IS. 

Connect to your deepest ancestral roots, allowing you to be fully grounded and rooted in the material plane. 

These inspiring audios will guide you to integrate the strength of your ancestors fully into your being.

The total value of these Life-Transforming audios that combine modern neuroscience with Ancient Greek Philosophy is $9,692.

But you will only pay a tiny fraction of that today, dear one at $98

So make sure you honor your future self and grab this while the price is still affordable.

It’s not as easy as many people think. But the Five Day Prayers will align your vibration to receive abundant blessings you are destined to receive!

You will be a conduit of light and love, emanating positive energy directly from Source into your home, your community, and the world around you.

You’ll vibration will raise causing you to draw the material blessings that you deserve into your life like a magnet.

They will be magnetized to you with your energy aligned to Source by the Five Day Prayers.

You deserve a glorious, beautiful life filled with peace, joy, deep connection, and amazing experiences that you will remember forever.

And the Five Day Prayers will guide you to align your energy with your dream life so it is pulled into your life automatically.

I Will NOT Be Charging You the Normal Price.

Instead, I Will Be Giving You Complete Access to These Life-Transforming Audios For Only $98.

And You Will Receive Full Access To The ENTIRE 5 Day Prayer Resource Center. But…

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60-days money back guarantee

When our customers are not satisfied, we aren’t happy.

We aim to give all our customers 100% satisfaction.

I just showed you a few testimonials of people who have tried our product and loved it.

If, in any way, we do not meet your expectations, kindly contact us and we'll happily refund your money back with an apology note.


If you are willing to give your dreams a fighting chance...

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Scared Power Of The Four Divines Connect with the Collective & Your Divine Future Worth $1388!

These transformative meditation audios are specifically handpicked to increase your awareness of the world and to help you understand what is waiting for you in your future. 

The beautiful melody and music will lead you into a state of zen bliss.

You can take this meditation anywhere with you and whenever you feel any doubt at all, this will empower you to calm yourself down. 

You can just relax and allow these audios to... 

Increase your awareness of the world around you so you can connect more deeply. 

Remove any doubts that are holding you back from living your dream life. 

Help you to connect deeply with your future self so you know what will happen in your future. 

These audios will enable you to quickly and easily return to a state of calmness anytime and anywhere.

Here Are Just A Few of the MANY Testimonials I Received From People Who Have Transformed Their Lives with the Help of Mythology Bliss


“I am very satisfied with Mythology Bliss. This is the 2nd manifestation product
I have gotten and I gotta say it's worth every single penny I spent.

My relationship with my parents and wife have gotten a lot better
and my business took a turn for the better too!

5 stars for Mythology Bliss! Thank you”


“From day 1 of listening to Mythology Bliss, I was amazed
by the guided meditation and meditation audio.

I got to learn more about Greek mythology while
meditating on the wonders of the muses.

I followed the weekly meditation and to be really honest it helps.
I felt refreshed and like a new person ready to take on my job!

Thank you, Mythology Bliss!”


“This product was referred to me by a close friend of mine, I never really believed in the product but when I saw her change in her life, I was convinced to try it, she glows with confidence and her business is booming all of the sudden!

I bought the product 2 weeks ago and surprisingly this became
my daily routine to listen and manifest into whatever I wanted. 5 stars!”


“My husband and I have been on really bad terms for 4 years.
I bought this product as a last resort to save this relationship,
even tried going for therapy which wasted a lot of my money.

After listening to the guided meditation, I felt so calm and peaceful.
I knew that this could be the lifeline I was always searching for!

After much convincing, my husband tried it himself.

Now 2 months have passed, we have gotten a lot closer
and we agreed to give this relationship another try!

100% recommend this to anyone that needs help or just wants to improve themselves!”


“The best gift I ever got from a friend!

Never would I imagine how much I have manifested in just a week,
so many things have changed for the positive.

Thank you, Mythology Bliss!
The confidence and happiness I have manifested into are surreal!”

Frequently Asked Questions

My life is too busy. Will this work for me?

Yes. All the tracks have been designed in such a way that if you only dedicate 12 minutes and 12 seconds each day, you will reap the full benefits in less than a week.

How do I receive the tracks?

After you make the purchase, you will instantly receive a download link for all the tracks, in your registered email. We do ask you to check your spam folder and contact us immediately if you cannot find it.

Can I listen to the tracks on my smartphone?

Yes. Our website is mobile-friendly and you will also be able to download all tracks onto any device you desire.

Can I manifest anything I want?

The tracks have the ability to enhance your frequency so that you align your dreams to the vibrational waves of energy surrounding us, which are the foundation of manifestation. If you keep an open heart, you will join everyone else who has used this program successfully and manifest even your most hidden dreams.