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Congratulations! Mythology Bliss is the First Step on The Path to Draw Your Dream Life to You Like a Magnet!

But... Are You Ready to...

Discover a Powerful Second Step That Will Enable You to Reach Your Dream Life Much More Quickly and Easily in Just 12 Minutes & 12 Seconds a Day?

I’m so excited about the HUGE changes waiting ahead for you! 

Now that you have purchased Mythology Bliss, your life will change in POWERFUL ways!


I need to share something critically important with you... 

Mythology Bliss is just a starter kit on your journey.

And while you will get AMAZING results with the Mythology Bliss audios, I would not be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t share this crucial next step with you...

First, I Want To Ask You An Important Question...

What If You Discovered A Shortcut To Manifest Your Dreams MUCH More Quickly, Having Them Be Effortlessly Drawn to You?

The Universe deeply desires to deliver ALL of your dreams to you...

         ● For you to live a life of peace, happiness, and abundance

         ● For each day to be filled with magic, miracles, and wonder

         ● For you to feel immense gratitude for all of the BEAUTIFUL blessings in your life!

You were born to have a blessed life!

We all were!

But most of us have been programmed by society and those around us to not believe in our dreams anymore. 

It’s not their fault.

They never meant to limit your ability to fulfill your dreams.

They only shared what they were taught with you.

The same untrue beliefs they were told were true.

And they shared them with you because they thought they were true.

And they didn’t want you “to get hurt” by chasing after dreams and maybe not reaching them. 

They never intended to hold you back.

But that is exactly what those untrue limiting beliefs have done.

And today is the day that you have the opportunity to undo ALL of that.

To OWN the truth that YOU truly ARE the master of your own destiny!

And to take inspired action that will help you to overwrite those limiting beliefs and replace them with true beliefs that empower you!

That you ARE enough.

That you ARE powerful.

That you CAN achieve your life mission and make a HUGE difference in the world!

And then you can claim your birthright

Your destiny

And the beautiful, fulfilled life that you deserve.

The Universe deeply desires to deliver ALL of your dreams to you...

I wish you could just WILL yourself to do this, but it doesn’t work that way.

These false beliefs are deeply ingrained in your subconscious and cannot be changed by a choice on the conscious level of your brain…

But there is something that will work directly with your subconscious mind to remove those negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones.

And that step is what will FINALLY allow the Universe to deliver ALL of the IMMENSE BLESSINGS that are waiting for you to be able to receive them! 

The Universe WANTS to deliver your blessings, but is being blocked by the negative untrue beliefs in your subconscious mind.

With this next step in your journey, all of the blockages will be gone and your blessings will begin miraculously flowing into your life like a mighty, never-ending river of ABUNDANCE!

If you are ready to discover the secret ancient knowledge that you need to do this, here you go…

As you know, Mythology Bliss was inspired by the Three Greek Elder Muses. 

But I’m not sure if you are aware that there are NINE more muses who were the descendants of the Olympian god, Zeus...

And each of these Nine Muses connects with a different aspect of your subconscious and when combined together will empower you to live the beautiful abundant life you were born to live

Each muse unlocks a different part of your psyche, your subconscious mind.

And you already have the keys to unlock three of them with Mythology Bliss, but are still missing nine keys.

You will be able to connect with each of the divine muses’ energies to attune your energy field to their area of expertise and remove the negative patterns in that part of your mind.

I’ll never forget what happened the first time I listened to the first of the audios of the nine muses.

As I was listening, I slipped off into a state of deep sleep.

After I Woke Up, I Felt Incredibly Rejuvenated and Energized and My Mind was in an Peaceful Zen State of Consciousness.

I felt a deep state of tranquility and trust in the Universe that I had never felt before!

A few minutes later, I received an email from a realtor with pictures of my dream home.

It wasn’t yet listed on the market and the price was incredible! I went to see it an hour later, fell in love, and made an offer on the spot that was $25,000 less than the selling price.

I have no idea why, but the sellers accepted! 

I listened to the next muses audio the following day and felt a sense of calm I hadn’t felt in decades.

Then the phone rang. It was my best friend, Rebecca.

She had just won a vacation for two to Bali and she invited me! 

The third day, I listened to a different muse’s audio.

Again, I felt amazing.

Then there was a knock at the door. 

It was the FedEx guy with an overnight envelope. 

I wasn’t expecting anything, so I was really confused. But it did have my name on it, so I opened it.

It has a letter from a legal firm about a form I filled out for a settlement a few years ago. 

I had forgotten all about it!

And there was also a check… 

For $15,000!

The fourth day, I listened to another muse’s audio and again felt energized and peaceful. A few minutes later 

I received a call from my doctor.

He said he had discovered the reason for all of the heart palpitations, leg cramps, and muscle twitches.

I’d been mysteriously having.

And it was something super simple to fix… 

I had low magnesium. 

That was IT!

All of my other tests were completely normal!

I was floored!

All of those months of pain, worry, and frustration and NOW I finally had a simple answer! 

So I bought some magnesium and began taking it that night and never had another heart palpitation, leg cramp, or muscle twitch ever again!

Every day as I listened to a new muse’s audio, a new magical thing happened in my life.

There is no other explanation than the audios for each of these miraculous events.

These magical blessings have become so commonplace in my life that they don’t even surprise me anymore! 

And this was just the beginning of my journey...

As I kept listening to the audios, I became able to channel positive healing energy into my body and eliminate health challenges that had plagued me for decades.

I began experiencing deja vu and seeing synchronicities almost every day.

My dreams with divine guidance have become extremely common. I have them a few times a week now.

And I even developed the ability to glimpse into the future.

I have been SO blessed by these powerful muses!

Anyone Can Receive their Divine Guidance and Blessings... 

By Simply Listening to the Muses’ Calming & Soothing Divine Meditations...

Imagine How Much The Guidance of the Muses Will Change Your Life And The Lives of Your Loved Ones...

As you begin to draw all of these divine blessings into your life, it is only natural that you will want to help your loved ones as well… 

And you can!

You can listen to these audios while focusing on a loved one and send the energy to them!

This will empower you to...

-Generate positive energy auras around people you love

-Build beautiful, deep, fulfilling relationships with your friends

-Gain the confidence you’ve always wanted Manifest wealth and material blessings with ease and grace

-Develop healing power and strong connection with the Nine Muses

This is what you will be getting $78...


Muses Prayer”
Nine Guided Meditation Audio Tracks - Worth $1588

In Ancient Greek Mythology, the Nine Muses were the daughters of Zeus.

Muses Prayers were used to help the gods and mankind to forget all their troubles and to provide magical energy to them.

This audio set consists of nine sessions and each session has a unique function.

Remember, all you have to do is pray or meditate for 12 minutes and 12 seconds a day.

The Muses will provide you with the clear path that you truly seek.

You can just relax and allow the muses to...

Remove the negative untrue beliefs that are holding you back.

Align your energy with your soul’s true mission

Align your energy with Source so that all of the blessings you deserve flow magically into your life

The Muses will give you guidance to live the life you have always deserved.


The Horai 
Ten 15-min Meditation Audios - Worth $1388

Enjoy this ecstatic harmonic music that will instantly remove all your worries and troubles. 

All you have to do is close your eyes and let the music do its job.

It will draw mystical energy from the ancient greek gods and direct all the energy to every single part of your being.

You can simply close your eyes and allow the muses to...

Channel healing energy into every cell in your body 

Take away all of the things that are weighing your mind down, eliminating worry and anxiety 

Allow you to receive energy directly from Source whenever you need it to protect you, energize you, and guide you 

The Muses will empower you to live a life of peace and tranquility.


The Four Seasons 
Five 100-min Meditation Audios - Worth $388

These tracks allow you to get into a relaxed and peaceful state of mind, easing all the stress and problems you may have.

They will empower you to master the law of attraction, manifesting anything you secretly desire.

You can just lie back and allow the muses to...

Remove all troubles from your mind and your life. 

Take you into a state of deep peace and relaxation. 

Align your energy with your greatest desires so you can pull them into your life like a magnet 

The Muses will give you guidance to become a master manifestor.

This is an upgraded version of Mythology Bliss.

Instead of the first three muses, this powerful program consists of the nine meditation audios inspired by the Ancient nine muses

This is the first time this secret ancient knowledge has been shared publicly.

You only need to spend 12 minutes and 12 seconds each day, listening to the divine guidance of the muses to achieve life-changing results.

Your soul is FINALLY ready!

It chose this specific moment in time to show you this powerful, life-transforming information. 

And you wouldn’t be seeing this if you were not worthy of leveraging these powerful audios to transform your life. 

The Universe knows you are ready. 

Your soul knows you are ready. 

Don’t let any doubts stop you from being unstoppable.

Remember, fear is the mind-killer.

You can let your fear of the unknown stop you, but why? 

The only thing you have to lose is a life that is FAR less than you deserve!

I would really like you to have the Nine Muses Prayers today to empower you to lead the BEAUTIFUL, amazing life you were born to live!

According to legends, Mount Olympus was the home of many gods and goddesses, often described as a paradise.

And if you let them, the nine muses can lead you to your own personal paradise here on Earth!

Here’s What You’ll Achieve...

Master the Law of Attraction

It’s not as simple as some people say it is. But the muses will guide you to receive all the blessings you deserve!

Generate Positive Energy

You will be a beacon of light, pouring out positive energy from Source into your home, your community, and the world at large

Manifest Wealth & Material Abundance

You’ll begin to magnetically attract the material blessings that you deserve. They will be drawn to you with your energy aligned to Source by the muses.

Live Your Dream Life

You deserve peace, joy, deep connection, and a life filled with beautiful, amazing experiences that will create memories for a lifetime.

And the muses will guide you to align your energy with that life so it comes to you automatically.

I’m Not Going To Charge You An Arm and a Leg For This.

I understand that due to the outbreak of Covid-19 many people have lost their jobs or have reduced income, which is why I want to make this powerful program as affordable as possible to every human on the planet. 


I Will NOT Be Charging You the Normal Price.

Instead, I Will Be Giving You Complete Access to These Life-Transforming Audios

For Only $78

And You Will Receive Full Access To The ENTIRE Nine Muses Meditation Resource Center. 


This Offer Is ONLY Available While You Are On This Page.


If You Hesitate, You Will Have to Pay $1977 later.

Don't forget you are protected by the 60 day money guarantee back!

60-days money back guarantee

When our customers are not satisfied, we aren’t happy.

We aim to give all our customers 100% satisfaction.

I just showed you a few testimonials of people who have tried our product and loved it.

If, in any way, we do not meet your expectations, kindly contact us and we'll happily refund your money back with an apology note.


If you are willing to give your dreams a fighting chance...

Let Me Sweeten The Pot a Bit... 

I Will Also Give You This Surprise Bonus

(But only today)...

“Orbs Of Hope, Success, & Abundance” Worth $388 AS YOUR FREE GIFT!

If you are lacking motivation & feeling anxious after getting out of bed in the morning, this five-minute-audio will do the trick. 

It will clear your mind and soul, instantly helping you to start your day filled with positive energy.

You can listen in bed before you get up and allow the muses to...

  • Reinforce your life mission so you are motivated to fulfill it

  • Increase your energy to complete your daily tasks.

  • Pull you into a state of immense gratitude so you can begin your day filled with positivity and joy.

The Muses will give you guidance to live the life you have always deserved.


If you purchase today, you will save $388!

Your soul and the Universe led you here today, beloved one.

I can imagine that you don’t want to look back on this door of opportunity with regret that you didn’t walk through it to reveal what is on the other side…


To discover the amazing new life that lies ahead of you… 

It makes me sad to think that you may never know what lies on the other side of that door...

That you might choose not to discover the potent transformative power in Mythology Bliss... 

I did my part by sharing my story with you, but only YOU can walk through the door by clicking the button below to take the next step toward your beautiful new life.

I have always loved this quote by John Barrow, “if you never try, you’ll never know what you are capable of.” You have absolutely nothing to lose 

(remember my no-questions-asked money-back guarantee?

Take the simple and easy next step to change your life forever...

Here Are Just A Few of the MANY Testimonials I Received From People Who Have Transformed Their Lives with the Help of Mythology Bliss


“I am very satisfied with Mythology Bliss. This is the 2nd manifestation product
I have gotten and I gotta say it's worth every single penny I spent.

My relationship with my parents and wife have gotten a lot better
and my business took a turn for the better too!

5 stars for Mythology Bliss! Thank you”


“From day 1 of listening to Mythology Bliss, I was amazed
by the guided meditation and meditation audio.

I got to learn more about Greek mythology while
meditating on the wonders of the muses.

I followed the weekly meditation and to be really honest it helps.
I felt refreshed and like a new person ready to take on my job!

Thank you, Mythology Bliss!”


“This product was referred to me by a close friend of mine, I never really believed in the product but when I saw her change in her life, I was convinced to try it, she glows with confidence and her business is booming all of the sudden!

I bought the product 2 weeks ago and surprisingly this became
my daily routine to listen and manifest into whatever I wanted. 5 stars!”


“My husband and I have been on really bad terms for 4 years.
I bought this product as a last resort to save this relationship,
even tried going for therapy which wasted a lot of my money.

After listening to the guided meditation, I felt so calm and peaceful.
I knew that this could be the lifeline I was always searching for!

After much convincing, my husband tried it himself.

Now 2 months have passed, we have gotten a lot closer
and we agreed to give this relationship another try!

100% recommend this to anyone that needs help or just wants to improve themselves!”


“The best gift I ever got from a friend!

Never would I imagine how much I have manifested in just a week,
so many things have changed for the positive.

Thank you, Mythology Bliss!
The confidence and happiness I have manifested into are surreal!”

Frequently Asked Questions

My life is too busy. Will this work for me?

Yes. All the tracks have been designed in such a way that if you only dedicate 12 minutes and 12 seconds each day, you will reap the full benefits in less than a week.

How do I receive the tracks?

After you make the purchase, you will instantly receive a download link for all the tracks, in your registered email. We do ask you to check your spam folder and contact us immediately if you cannot find it.

Can I listen to the tracks on my smartphone?

Yes. Our website is mobile-friendly and you will also be able to download all tracks onto any device you desire.

Can I manifest anything I want?

The tracks have the ability to enhance your frequency so that you align your dreams to the vibrational waves of energy surrounding us, which are the foundation of manifestation. If you keep an open heart, you will join everyone else who has used this program successfully and manifest even your most hidden dreams.