The Spiritual Resource Library is a free website created by Alex. It is designed to give you the resources you need to improve your spiritual life.

It contains books and audios, videos, music, and other materials that will help you on your journey towards self-discovery and personal growth.

You can read the articles and listen to the audios to learn about topics such as self-awareness, forgiveness, faith, and spirituality.

Resources For the spiritual community (Stay Tuned For Updates)


Plutus Wealth Attractor

Here's Sacred Trance Empowered by the Wealth of God to Attract Cold Hard Cash Within 24 Hours!

Get Your free ’10-mins Plutus’s Wealth Attractor MP3’ Now

The binaural double induction will create eternity of prosperity & abundance in your subconscious mind & life!

You will experience the wealthy mindset & abundance aura.

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Your Motivation Power PDF

Time to waken your Boundless Potential to Manifest your Wildest Dreams and Desires.

Download your FREE Boundless Divinity MP3

This audio will magnify your Divinity Power by Elevating Your Subconscious.

The true secrets of getting anything and everything is projected and picked up by the subconscious that will produce mind-blowing results.

You can manifest anything you want effortlessly!

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Unleash Your Wealth Mindset

This is what you’ll discover:

* Tips to reprogram your mind for wealth.
* How to manage your wealth by setting specific goals that are more achievable to do.
* How to create multiple streams of income so that you're not putting it all in one basket.
* How to invest your money the smart way.
* Tips on how to make more money right now.

Download “Unleash Your Wealth Mindset”

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Boundless Divinity MP3

We watched many people succeed in their life and manifesting an insanely abundant lifestyle effortless

But for most of us, it was only hoping and dreaming.
What is the real difference between us? .... Self-Motivation!

You Will Learn exactly how these Top Achievers adopting Self-Motivation Here.

Get ready to be mind-blown by your own transformation!

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Archangelic Audio Set

Many of us have goals that we want to achieve in our lives, but often times we don't get there because we can't let go of the stress and negativity that's preventing us from moving forward. If this sounds like you, give Archangelic Audio Set a try!

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Cosmic Astromancy readings are designed to guide you into a deeper understanding of your relationship with the stars and your personal relationship with your life.  If you want to learn more about how your past, present, and future unfold with you, Cosmic Personalized Readings are for you.

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There is nothing more important than knowing the divine truth of yourself. We all carry messages that were given to us from our past lives and there are many different ways we can receive them. Through learning and receiving guidance from your angels, you can access the deep wisdom and insight that the divine has to offer you. You will learn how to attune to the angels of light, how to draw upon your angelic connection and how to recognize and act upon guidance from the angels.

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Other Valuable Offers


This is the answer to your prayers

It's a present of wonder that will alter your life.

Within MINUTES, prosperity and abundance will start flowing into your life

You are now just one step away from that path to unlimited wealth and I have the
key to activating that switch right here…

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There is a simple recipe for attracting money and creating true wealth. But like a recipe, if you are missing ingredients, or if you use the wrong ingredients, you get something that is terrible.

You might know part of the recipe for attracting money, but if you do not have the money in the bank that you want, something is missing.

But there is great news. There is a simple 5-step recipe to attract the wealth that you have been looking for.

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Cosmic Sound Baths

There is a secret technology in the world that few know about.

In the far distant past, it has been used for great good. But in the more recent past, it has been used for great evil.

Unfortunately, today, it’s being used on you - without your knowledge or consent.

What is this secret technology?

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Discover the Digital “Limitless” Pill that Unlocks Superhuman Abilities!

Weight Loss Pill
Energy Pill
Wealth Confidence Pill
Genius Pill

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